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I'm So Proud!

2009-07-07 17:42:17 by Jellyy

I just got one of those messages you get when you're the person who blams a submission.


I'm So Proud!

The Last Post Was a Lie

2009-07-06 21:57:59 by Jellyy

Kind of quit on that last project (like I did with the game Lastman :\) because I lost interest in it. I've decided to stick to making games because I can do that pretty well. Anyway my next game is going to be a small adventure game where you travel around collecting stuff... and stuff. There's going to be achievements (if I can figure out how dammit, could use some help here) and I'm going to make it much more in-depth than my last game.

Wait, why the hell are you reading this anyway? Go eat a cookie. NAO! >:(

The Last Post Was a Lie

Food Fight

2009-07-01 17:34:54 by Jellyy

So I'm going to try my hand at animation, lip syncing, and all that good stuff in a new flash movie I've started a little ago. It's called Food Fight but that's all I'm going to say besides that there's a character named Colonel Chocolate Cake. Any comments?

So what's up Newgrounds?


2009-04-12 20:15:16 by Jellyy

Well today is the last day of my spring break and that sucks but at least there's only like seven weeks left of school. So I'm not going to be very active but whatever. Anyway, Candy Skies turned out pretty good, it had a score of 2.71 or something. You should go check it out and rate it high.

The main reason of this post was to mention that I was going to make a short series of movies including the level icons and have them fighting. Haha, so are there any comments or questions?

Woah super cool

2009-04-08 18:59:42 by Jellyy

Uh I just wanted to make a news post just so I had something up.

So yeah I'm new here. I like jelly on my sandwiches and on my toast. I think peanut butter is a total poser and should go get messy with something else besides jelly. Green eggs and ham scares the shit out of me because it's green. I like using the word sly a lot because it's a very sly word. I think Al Gore is cool (hahaha just kidding). I like using phrases "I like" and "I think" to start my sentences. I think Newgrounds is a tight site. Oh, and I like to rhyme (at any time).

Dude get to know me and hit me up with a comment. :3